• May 16, 2014 3:56 PM | Holly Starley (Administrator)

    The region’s first on-street buffered bikeway is up and ready to use. It’s time to cycle out to Goleta and make use of the newly painted lane!

    On Hollister between Turnpike and Patterson, the new Buffered Class II lane provides a paint stripe that separates the one-way bike lane from the adjacent vehicular travel lane and will include painted chevrons about every 100 feet in the buffer space.

    Photo by Matt Dobberteen

    Buffered Class II bike lanes are typically used on streets with high travel speeds and volumes or for areas with a lot of truck traffic.

    Among their many perks, buffered bike lanes:

    • Provide needed space – This mean greater separation between motor vehicles and cyclists, as well as space for cyclists to pass other riders without having to divert into the adjacent traffic lane.
    • Make the lane’s intended use obvious – Buffered lanes are large enough to provide riders the extra space but not so wide as to be mistaken for a vehicle travel lane or a parking lane.
    • Prevent door zone safety hazards – These lanes help bicyclists avoid what can be a terrible riding hazard by encouraging them to ride outside of the door zone (where cyclists can unexpectedly confront the door of a parked car opening to their right).
    • Encourage bicycling – Buffered lanes appeal to a wider cross section of bicycle users and contribute to the perception of safety among users of the bicycle network.
  • May 15, 2014 6:50 PM | Holly Starley (Administrator)

    Stepping up on the bright blue Amgen Tour of California stage moments after the awards for the stage 5 winners were presented, SBBIKE leader Ed France announced, “Now we celebrate not the elite men who have just shown their prowess in the racing arena but here in the local, multicultural Santa Barbara cycling community--the elite women.”

    The annual Velo Wings Award honors women in the community who’ve championed cycling--and the three women selected for this year’s third annual award demonstrate leadership skills and inspire others.

    Erika Lindemann, “a roll-up-her-sleeves, get-things-done kind of woman” – was France’s co-founder in what has become today’s Santa Barbara Bicycle Coalition (SBBIKE).

    France talked about how her roots as “a woman who is passionate about bicycling” go back to her younger days, when she was a Bike Monkey at Santa Barbara Middle School and noted that, after attending college at UC Santa Cruz, Lindemann returned to Santa Barbara “inspired to bring what is possible to our community.”

    Lindemann made good on that dream, with six years of phenomenal effort helping to found Bici Centro, aiding with CycleMAYnia, and work improving local mountain biking trails. France called the former SBBIKE board president “a beacon of bilingual outreach, bringing cycling to all of this community.”

    Wendy Manning, an inspiration in perseverance – wasn’t allowed to bike downtown until she was twelve years old. She still remembers cycling on her twelfth birthday over the bridge and into Goleta.

    Manning later joined the Goleta Valley Cycling Club. The group rides opened her eyes to all the places to ride in the community, as well of the joy of cycling camaraderie. From there, she went on to leading a group of women who regularly did 100- and 200-mile rides.

    In 1990, Manning fractured both her arms. But she didn’t give up. She was back to riding as soon as possible--on a tandem--an exercise she found emotionally, spiritually, and physically healing. In 2004, she battled cancer.

    Next, she joined B4-T9, a woman’s cycling team once nicknamed “the Pink Hurricane.” Membership gave her the encouragement she needed to keep going, and she “continued to ride tough,” said France. She even rode the Tour of the California Alps, known as the “Death Ride” (officially), a century with 15,000 feet of grueling climbs.

    Manning feels gratitude every time she gets on a bike.

    Nancy Mulholland a woman who “leads by doing” – wants others to discover and enjoy the world of biking, says France, who thanked for her recent support.

    Mulholland and her husband, Mark, live car free and have traveled over the last twenty years by bike--all over the world, including a pilgrimage route from Amsterdam to Santiago de Compostela. This fall, they plan to head to Italy for a bike tour.

    France says Mulholland has helped bring bicycling to others in countless ways over the past twenty years. The current passion of the former SBBIKE board member is the coalition’s Connecting Our Community campaign.

    With her grandkids, who ride as well, Mulholland embodies the range of bicyclists the campaign aims to provide access to (“riders from eight to eighty” is part of the campaign logo). In her future, France says, Mulholland will be “riding in her eighties on safe, continuous paths--right here at home.”

    Mulholland has led the coalition in helping to make bicycling accessible to everyone in Santa Barbara--not just the strong or those with the gumption to ride head-on in traffic.

    “With Nancy’s continued leadership,” France concluded, to the enthusiastic cheers of the crowd, “Santa Barbara will be the number one cycling destination in the nation.”

    The women were presented certificates on behalf of Congresswoman Lois Capps, State Senator Hannah Beth Jack Jackson, and State Assemblyman Das Williams, whose representative, Hillary Black, said the women inspire her to “kick myself in the butt and get on my bike.”

    Mayor Helene Schneider pointed to the upcoming restructuring of regional Bicycle Master Plans (documents outlining long-range planning for an area’s bicycle infrastructure) and thanked the women “for keeping us accountable here in the city and in the region.”

  • May 12, 2014 5:22 PM | Holly Starley (Administrator)

    At the end of each quarter, Deckers Outdoor Corporation hosts a get-together for all its employees, a reward day. For its most recent employee soiree, the Goleta-based footwear giant decided to try out something new--a bike build competition that would result in thirty community youth receiving brand-new bicycles!

    Deckers’ nearly 300 employees gathered for the contest. The company had purchased thirty brand-new, 20-inch BMX bikes ready to be built.

    When employees arrived, they found tables loaded with the tools they’d need to build the bikes and some snacks. Thirty ten-person teams were each charged with building, decorating, and naming a bike. The teams were vying to build the coolest bike, designing cards for the kids who would be the recipients of their creations and placards for the handlebars.

    The competition judges had a system--if a team asked for help or something wasn’t built correctly, they took a point away.

    The winning bike--Purple Haze--was featured on stage at Traffic Solution’s CycleMAYnia fashion show.



    “The bike build was a really cool opportunity to get everybody involved,” says Mark Heintz, Decker’s director of corporate responsibility.

    Heintz notes that the event was born of the company’s commitment to community. “A couple of years ago, we kicked off this volunteer program called Decker’s Goods,” he explains. “This bike build event is one of many events designed to engage employees and give them opportunities to volunteer in the community.” In the past, Decker’s employees have worked with the Conservation Alliance’s Backyard Collective, in conjunction with Patagonia, REI, and Horny Toad to do restoration work in the area.

    To complete the bike building event, Deckers teamed up with SBBIKE and Girls Inc. to donate the bikes to local youth in need and ensure that the kids got the education needed to make their new bicycling experience the best it could be.

    SBBIKE’s Christine Bourgeois was one of the event’s judges, and she thoroughly enjoyed participating. She’s also thrilled to help distribute eighteen of the bikes at Adams School at SBBIKE’s Bici Familia. “These are beautiful, good quality bikes,” she says.

    The May 29 Bici Familia event will include a presentation in Spanish to parents and kids, as well as an education on the blacktop component. “Many of the kids don’t know how to ride,” says Bourgeois. “We’ll teach them how.” Parents can bring their bikes and practice too. And the event will end with a group ride.

    The remaining twelve bikes will go to Girls Inc. for a summer camp in preparation for the Santa Barbara Triathlon. For the first time ever, Girls Inc. of Greater Santa Barbara will be the 2014 beneficiary of the triathlon. They wanted the girls to be able to participate too, notes Bourgeois, adding that many of them didn’t have a bike. Enter Deckers. The recipients of the purple rides (the girls’ bikes were purple, the boys’ blue) will receive bicycle education from SBBIKE instructors as well.

    Will Deckers repeat the event? “Oh yeah,” says Heintz. “This will be an annual event.

    “The story of Deckers,” he adds, “is we’re really committed to the community. We really like to take the power of the company’s culture and put it to work and have people invested in the process.” He talks about how events like this are really great, not only for their team-building aspect, but because of the end productundefinedin this case, being able to provide for local youth the freedom of owning their own bikes.

    The employees can’t wait to see the smiles on the faces of the kids who get to take the new rides home.

    Decker’s corporate responsibility team worked with its human resources and events teams to put the event together. The company is making a video about the experience and will be at Bici Familia at the end of the month.

    Photos by Christine Bourgeois

  • May 12, 2014 9:49 AM | Ed France (Administrator)
    Hop on over to our Art Bike auction page!

    In it you will find a Santa Barbara Cruisers 'Gator' Bike, a Gold Coast Cyclocross Nautical themed 50cm build, a classic schwinn 'Universe' Tandem, and, in memory of Barney Berglund, his Trek E2 road racing bike.

  • May 09, 2014 12:04 PM | Holly Starley (Administrator)

    How do we ensure we’ll be implementing bikeway changes that will meet users need? This was the question Sam Franklin and Omari Fuller, the new leaders of SBBIKE’s Connecting Our Community campaign, asked themselves.

    The answer, stories from those who cycle the South Coast.

    At Earth Day 2014, SBBIKE’s COC campaign launched a three-pronged project designed to gather those stories. The first part was a giant, interactive mapundefined18 feet long and 4 feet wide. Visitors to SBBIKE’s table used markers to draw the routes they typically used onto the map, highlighting trouble spots with--places where the path ends, intersections that are difficult to get through, and other tricky areas.

    In addition, bicyclists filled out preprinted postcards featuring a photo of a well-designed cycling network on the front--“the kind of bicycle paths that people would want to use,” says Franklin. On the back, people wrote why they would want those routes and in which areas.

    “The idea,” Franklin explains, “is, instead of us just sitting behind a table telling people how we think the bike paths should change, to find out what changes they want in an interactive, engaging way. The main theme of our campaign for now is to get people engaged and get people to tell us their stories--instead of it being a one-way informational thing.”

    On May 31, some of Santa Barbara’s political electives will be participating in a tandem ride with SBBIKE and Traffic Solutions, and Franklin and Fuller will be handing all the postcards over to them.

    So far, they have nearly 250 postcards. And they’ll be collecting more throughout the month of May. “We’ll be at all the events during CycleMAYnia,” says Franklin.

    Franklin and Fuller are currently looking through photos of the map as well as the cards and compiling the data from those stories. Among the information they plan to attain is a top-five list of difficult spots. So far, Franklin’s noticed that two spots many people would like to see improved are the Castillo underpass and Fairview in Goleta. He’s also noting a trend that happens in areas where the bike path suddenly ends or disappears. The very comfortable riders will choose to cycle on the pavement, taking the lane and riding with traffic. For those who aren’t as comfortable, though, these areas present a definite problem, giving people who want to cycle a reason to choose not to.

    The co-leaders of COC will present updates of the compiled data soon.

    Franklin says the Earth Day launch was a huge success. “I really liked it,” he says. “I felt it was even more successful than I’d expected.” He noted that cyclists were often lining up to get to the table. “And I felt that people were really willing to take the time to draw their routes, to talk about issues.”

    A side bonus was that, as people were enjoying the opportunity to show where they ride, they were excited to see how other people ride and getting inspiration from each other.

    The third prong of the portion of the campaign designed to interact with the community, which Franklin says is still very much a work in progress, is an interactive SBBBIKE Web site that is a more informal, interactive site than the coalition’s main site. Franklin sees the newly launched site--check it out at another way of getting people involved and sharing their stories.

    Photos by Michael Montenegro

  • April 24, 2014 9:00 AM | Christine Bourgeois (Administrator)
    Traffic Solutions Encourages Santa Barbarans to Pedal More.

  • April 03, 2014 10:48 AM | Ed France (Administrator)

    We're excited to unveil the CycleMAYnia Commemorative T-shirt, marking the 5th annual CycleMAYnia! It is now available for pre-order.

    Designed by Daniel Girard at Traffic Solutions.

    If you would like one of these shirts, you can place your order online now through April 6th, 2014. This will guarantee that you get a shirt in the style and size of your choice.Order now.

    By pre-ordering you will get your CycleMAYnia T-shirt for only $10. You can pick-up your order at one of the many CycleMAYnia events in May, and pay upon pick-up. 

    For those folks who don't order online, we will have T-shirts in limited quantities and sizes available at many of the big events in May for an increased price of $12. Remember, ordering now guarantees you get a T-shirt - and it helps us order the right quantity too :) Place your order now.  


  • March 24, 2014 12:42 PM | Ed France (Administrator)

    In an advance scouting operation for SBBIKE and COAST's upcoming training in Santa Barbara, Omari Fuller, one of SBBike's new advocacy staff members, attended the Winning Campaigns Training this weekend in Oakland. 

     Presented by national leaders in safe bicycle and pedestrian improvements, this training gives our staff greater capability to build public support and political will to win the Connecting Our Community campaign and make bicycling an easy, safe, everyday transportation option for all along Santa Barbara County's South Coast.

    We will also gain the expertise to hold a similar training for our members, volunteers and community partners this December, which will increase the number of local leaders who are ready to make a difference in our community through safe, comfortable, continuous, protected bikeways for all of us.  

    As an Oakland native and UCLA alumnus, Omari has built relationships with the bicycle coalitions in Oakland and Los Angeles.  This weekend’s training, hosted by Bike East Bay, therefore has great potential to further strengthen ties, information sharing, learning and collaboration between SBBike and other regional advocacy organizations.

  • March 14, 2014 3:34 PM | Ed France (Administrator)

    More than 50 Goleta residents gathered at the SBBIKE advocacy meeting hosted by Deckers Corporate Headquarters Thursday night, to ask questions and raise issues about better and safer bikeways. City and County staff presented a range of new cycling infrastructure plans which are currently being considered and developed. The improvements which were discussed with the public will hopefully create better connections between new UCSB housing and West Goleta developments to the adjacent community through safe bikeways, raising the quality of life for UCSB students and Goleta residents.

    However the many comments from worried residents at the meeting, made clear that the current state of the bicycle network needs even further improvements: connections are often missing, whole neighborhoods are inaccessible by bike routes, making it unsafe to commute by bicycle. Another issue raised by a large number of residents at the meeting is the lack of safe bicycle and pedestrian connections crossing the 101 freeway, which as a result makes it virtually impossible for cyclists to travel from Northern Goleta into Southern Goleta, even though the actual distance is short..  

    “Goleta residents really came out last night in force”,  Ed France, executive director of SBBIKE, said “ It is clear that they want the quality of life of that safe, protected bike paths offer.  Routes like the ones you find connecting through Goleta Beach need to extend through to Elwood, through Old Town Goleta, and throughout the Goleta Valley. Residents simply want access to safe paths and their kids to be able to ride on bikes safely”

    After hearing the Goleta residents speak out, City and County officials presented their cycling projects. SBBIKE then introduced their recently launched Connecting Our Community campaign based on our vision that by working together with community stakeholders, one in every five trips within Santa Barbara’s South Coast will be made by bicycle by 2020. In the process, Santa Barbara will become the #1 bicycling region in the nation. By Connecting our Community with safe, connected bikeways, it will be possible for everyone from ages 8 to 80 to bike safely to and from anywhere along the county’s South Coast.

    About the Santa Barbara Bicycle Coalition:

    The Santa Barbara Bicycle Coalition (SBBIKE), founded in 1991, is a countywide bicycling advocacy organization with projects that increase awareness, promote education, reduce accidents, and in general make it easier and more fun for us all to bicycle.

  • March 06, 2014 12:12 PM | Ed France (Administrator)

    We are proud to Welcome our new Connecting our Community staff, Omari Fuller and Sam Franklin, who will be working with Robin Elander, our outreach and events consultant to facilitate our efforts as we fire up thisCampaign! 

    Omari first came to us through our Spanish Language Outreach Committee, and in addition to taking on roles with Bici Centro and youth Education has helped us launch the Connecting our Community effort, from website, mapping, and even helping come up with the name! Omari has a Masters from UCLA in Urban Planning and a deep passion for enhancing our quality of life through bicycling.

    Sam comes to us from Amsterdam where he served as a City Councilmember. He has a masters from University of Edinburgh, Scotland, where he studied, of all things, transportation policy and bicycling! He is a recent Santa Barbara transplant, and we are excited to put his graphic design, transportation, and policy skills to the test!

    Robin Elander and her consulting firm, Global Good Impact, is a powerhouse of large scale events and community engagement for the greater good. She brings a passion for bicycling, growing community, and engaging stakeholders for transformative results. She is also the coordinator for Open Streets and behind the scenes in many of Santa Barbara's important happenings.

    Sam and Omari will serve as coordinators for our growing group of engaged stakeholders and volunteers and Connecting our Community moves forward. Join us Friday for our Advocacy Mixer or drop us a line at!
Santa Barbara Bicycle Coalition, PO Box 92047, Santa Barbara, CA 93190
located at 506 E. Haley Street, Santa Barbara, CA 93103
Phone: 805 845-8955

Bici Centro is located at 434 Olive Street, Santa Barbara, CA 93103

Phone: 805 617-3255

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